SAIG is a student organization at Stanford to connect students with opportunities in the growing field of Artificial Intelligence. We host ethical discussions and bring in industry leaders in data science and machine learning to talk about the future of AI in health, education, and research.

Our constitution is publicly available 📜.

Robust Technical Education

The Stanford AI Group is an active hub for students to investigate the theoretical foundations of AI algorithms, develop intelligent software solutions to real-world problems, and learn to navigate the latest machine learning libraries. We develop original content to teach everything from basic regression and classification models to support vector machines and neural style transfer! SAIG also holds a two-unit applied deep learning class at Stanford (CS 21SI) and organizes hackathons.

Thoughtful Ethical Discussions

We invite eminent speakers in both academia and industry to come speak to Stanford students about moral and ethical dilemmas that face machine learning engineers and AI practitioners in the 21st century. In the past, we have hosted [John Doe from Apple and Sarah Kennedy from Google] and have asked questions such as: should Google work with the Pentagon on drone AI? How does bias manifest itself in machine learning algorithms? What happens when artificially intelligent robots misbehave?

Constructive Career Preparation

SAIG hosts career fairs throughout the academic year, and invite big name venture capital firms and hundreds of Silicon Valley startups to set up stands at these recruiting events. Companies such as Facebook, Nokia, Oracle, Volkswagen, and many more have hired SAIG members in the past. Come join us for our next event! See our calendar for more details.

Current Board


Junwon Park

Co-President/VP Operations

Yatharth Agarwal

Vice Presidents of Community Engagement

Roma Dziembaj

Vice President of Public Relations

Emily Hu

Chief Financial Officers

Tucker Haas

Kylee Krzanich

Vice Presidents of Technical Education

Shubhang Desai

Swetha Revanur

John Romano

Vice Presidents of Ethical Discussion

Sawyer Birnbaum

Andrew Lesh

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