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(Speaker) "Applications of Deep-Learning in Drug Discovery" with Bharath Ramsundar

Bharath Ramsundar, a PhD student in Computer Science, will present his research on deep learning and other computational techniques for chemistry and medicine. Bharath received his Bachelor's degree in EECS and Mathematics from UC Berkeley and is now a part of Prof. Vijay Pande's lab at Stanford. He is the co-creator of DeepChem, which is the largest open-source toolchain that democratizes the use of deep-learning in drug discovery, materials science, quantum chemistry, and biology.

This event has no requirements, and will not be recorded.


(Ethical Workshop) Simulating Consciousness

We recommend that you read Laws of robotics and HRW military robot report by the meeting time, although we will summarize it again for you!


(Speaker) Animesh Garg on Robotic Vision

Animesh Garg, a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford, will be joining us at SAIG with a talk centered on robotic vision and learning. Animesh comes to us with an MS in Computer Science and a Ph.D. in Operations Research from U.C. Berkeley. Today, he works at the Stanford AI Lab with a focus on robotics and computer vision. Find more about Animesh on his website.


(Tech Workshop) Basic Neural Networks

Shubhang Desai, a member of our team, will be teaching basic usage of Neural Networks with Python. If you’ve never worked with AI or machine learning before, or want a refresher, this workshop is for you!


  1. Basic Neural Networks — Workshop #1

GitHub Repo

  1. stanfordaigroup/basic-nn-workshop


  1. SAIG — First Workshop This Thursday! (10/19 @ 7PM)

NOTE: Apologies to those interested, but the audio of this event was corrupted. We will be hosting more beginner-friendly events in the future, so don't fret!